is artist: @NFTPizza (twiiters)
is collections: frenft
is frenft: #7
is rarity: legendary
is mint: 50 no mas
is price: 5 wax
is drop: fridays! 1/7/22 420p est

is desc: if u kno lupe then u kno i is luv pizzas. if u put is pineapple, u is legen. my secon favor, pizzas con frutas! sugar crus, maybe pie crus, u add is cream cheeses spread, add is u frutas, an BAM! u has amazin pizzas. i is no scare to put is pineapple. is no scare to has frutas. grab u slice of special collabos from u frens @NFTPizza y lupe. we pull is pizzas from refer fridays! grab u slice for 5 wax an lupe is set is up so all proceeds go to artist amiga @NFTPizza! GRACIAS ALWAYS FOR U LUV AMIGOS!

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